CRES Team Inspects Performance of Transplanted Tree Seedlings in Kanania Community

Report by Mr. Tony A. Klu

Kanania community, in the Kassena Nankana Municipality located about 32 kilometers from Navrongo (capital of the municipality), host some activities of the CRES project including afforestation using some of the native tree species. Under the auspices of Organisation for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS GHANA) Partner 8 of the CRES project, tree seedlings had been transplanted in various communities under the project including Kanania, where 800 baobab seedlings had been planted in July 2022.

The CRES team for the field inspection and assessment of growth performance was led by Dr. Bernard N. Baatuuwie where the team had pre-visit meeting and discussions with field staff of ORGIIS. According to the field staff of ORGIIS, six (6) women groups participated in the transplanting of the baobab seedling in the Kanania community.

According to Dr. Baatuuwie

“this is impressive of activities supported by the community, and per trees randomly identified and estimated number of eight hundred (800) planted, ocular estimation of survival rate is at 80 %”.

The Team recommended engagement with women groups from the communities to contribute to the creation of fire belt and also reduce fuel load in the plantation as a means to sustain or improve the survival rate and growth of tree seedlings.