Fieldwork by Phd Student Abdul Aziz

Indigenous knowledge
Assessment of the indigenous knowledge on propagation of baobab, bombax, locust beans, lannea and marula among ethnic groups in Ghana (October 2022). The study took place in thirteen villages.

Interviewing a farmer on his knowledge about propagation of indigenous trees in Gbulung in the Kumbungu district, Northern Ghana.

Pree-treatment of seeds for tree planting
Investigation of the appropriate seed pre-treatment on seed germination, survival and early growth performance of baobab, lannea, bombax, locust bean and marula seeds native to the savannas of Ghana. The methodology used included, scarification, acid treatment, hot water treatment, soaking compared to a control.

Seed pre-treatment by scarification.
Seed pre-treatment using sulfuric acid
Monitoring and recording rate of germination of pree-treated seeds of baobab and locust bean after two weeks of planting on a nursery bed.
Seedlings transplanted into poly pods after one month.

Distribution of seedlings to communities and schools for planting

Seedlings of native savanna tree species were given to schools for planting.

Baobab seedlings, two months old. This was distributed for planting in August 2022.
Lannea seedlings, two months old. These was distributed for community planting in August 2022.
Nursery actions; management of seedlings.
Four months baobab seedlings. These were distributed.
Distribution of seedlings to schools.
Demonstration of planting of locust bean to schools.
Monitoring og planted baobab seedling with a farmer in Jakpahi community.